What is a ” Naked” Wedding Cake

We are being asked what is a naked wedding cake.

It is a multi tiered all sponge cake in a choice of flavours but not iced in the traditional way.

All tiers have to be at least double depth and layered with buttercream.

The edge of each tier and possibly the top are smothered in fresh top quality seasonal fruits and sometimes all flowers.

A topper can be added as well as fresh flowers but taking care that all flowers are safe to be on the cake and do not come into contact with the cake.

Lastly the cake must be very fresh and the cake built as close to the arrival of the wedding party as possible and this can take two hours at the venue.

Lastly lightly dust it all with icing sugar.

Ps Dowel the cake with loads of hollow big dowels ( 20 may be enough)

Pps there is no need to do it in the nude!!


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